Hi! We are Chicken Rebels!

ChickenRebels.com is a website that publishes information about raising chickens, harvesting eggs, and other chicken-related shenanigans. We have loved chickens since we saved a rooster from an untimely death in 1992 and want to share that love with you.

The years made us dissatisfied with our urban upbringing and led us to a serene country life, valleys, and vegetable patches. The chickens invited themselves to the party, adopted our farm, and have pretty much taken over–strutting about as if they own the place. Raising chickens transformed our life, as the hens offered companionship, fresh eggs, amusing tales, and deep thoughts on life and living.

Our experiences with these feathered friends inspired this website where we hope to bring you the warmth, humor, and sense of wonder that chickens brought to us. With every peck and cluck, you, as a member of our flock, can fuel your love for a simple, country life full of meaning.

– The Chicken Rebels

farmer with chickens
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